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Swarovski Crystal Necklace from Riner, VA

The Pink Passion Swarovski crystal necklace from Riner, VA, is created using 8.5 mm, fuchsia, rose, light rose, and pink matte in Swarovski crystals with a sterling silver setting to give it that fabulous look.

The necklace has a matching bracelet sterling silver adjustable 14 - 19 inches.

The crystal necklace has 33 boxes.

Bracelet has 15 boxes.

Lever back also available:



Sterling silver or overlay

Copper ox

Silver ox

Premium sparkling clear, sky and oceans blue premium 8.5 mm, 33 boxes with adjustable Hematite necklace and a matching 14 boxes bracelet.

Earth's Treasure is this beautiful green natural and fresh 8.5mm, 33 boxes adjustable necklace.

Hematite Chain

Brilliance color brown gives off warmth to necklace and bracelet.  

Natural’s calling with this innovative cut of round topaz stones maximizes the light return and fire 33 boxes with an adjustable Hematite chain.

Be happy and develop confidence in wearing this orange, maroon, and crystal - 8.5mm adjustable necklace with matching 8.5mm earrings.